Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Top Ten Underrated Uses for Carving Tools

Tongue-in-cheek take on common carving tools and materials.  by Bob Duncan
#1  CA glue: To glue your thumb to the piece of wood you are trying to replace back to the carving. Also serves to glue cut skin back together and glue your thumb to the cut.
#2  Bandaids: To cover the CA glue you use to glue together a cut and keep your thumb out of the glue. Also works to hold gauze against the glue long enough to adhere it to the cut.
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Carvin The Tiny Tiny Santa!

Carvin The Tiny Santa!

by Anon.
I have decided that I had better put something up on the blog. Anything! So I decided to carve a tiny Santa head. A real quick and "dirty" one. The carving part of this tiny one took about 4 minutes. Hey I said quick and dirty! Really if I took a few more minutes it'd be a lot cleaner. But when viewed in ones hand this little fella looks clean.
The various techniques used to carve reasonably small items is no secret to a lot of carvers. But if you're rather new to carving small, they may be a secret to you. I know that I did not have any idea how one could carve small stuff. Take the small Santa head for instance! Most new carvers say they have a hard time carving the eyes and nose of the face. The first "secret" to carving small Santa heads is that the eyes don't matter so much. Here's a few things to consider when carving a small Santa head:
a. Carve the Santa on the end of a piece of wood you can hold, then cut the carved head off when completed. In this example I use a 1/4" x 1/4" x 6" piece.