Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to Begin Woodcarving with a Utility Knife

Woodcarving is a time tested hobby that is both relaxing and fun. However, starting out can be intimidating. If you want to give the hobby a try without buying a lot of expensive tools, here's how to get started on a simple carving using just a utility knife and a few other things that cost very little.

Choose your pattern. The first part of any woodcarving project is deciding what to carve. There are many places you can find good pattern books, such as hobby shops and the internet, or you can draw your own. The rest of the here!

How to Carve a Crochet Hook

In order to crochet, you'll need a proper crochet hook. If you're more of the do-it-yourself type of person, or can't find the hook size you need in your local shop, it's easy enough to carve your own. Your own hand-carved hooks may become some of your favorites, even if you also have purchased hooks on hand.


  1. Select the material you want your hook to be in. You can use a wooden or plastic chopstick, or a hardwood dowel. You can even start with a reasonably straight piece of a branch, for as long as it is well-dried. You will have less carving to do if the material starts with approximately the size and shape you want the finished hook to be, particularly the diameter. Click here for the rest of article!