Thursday, July 23, 2015

What Is It?

Big Bird, It Is Not 

Nature has always provided the impetus and reference for many innovations in the manufacturing and design process. In some cases, the construction of an item mimics a natural form. In others, the replication merely simulates the natural form or function. When first presented with this item, I was struck by the similarity (it seemed at the time) to a prehistoric bird, wrongly named the pterodactyl. You know – the scary one that is always depicted on the big screen. The actual name for this bird is pteranodon, it being a member of the pterosaur family. What caused the comparison was the reverse horn on the head of the bird. I found the shape of this tool to be strikingly similar, and could not shake the thought that the original designer may have been thinking along those lines.

Friday, July 10, 2015

Carving Tool Rack

Carving Tool Rack (on a budget)

by William Russo
 I found  an article in WoodCarving Illustrated showing how you can make a tool rack for your work area. For about $7 I made the one here. A  2’ long piece of 1” pvc, a pr of  T ‘s for the base, a pr of elbows and I bought a little more of the 1” tube to make the rack higher if I wanted to.
The holes are from ½” to almost 1”( for the fat handled Flex knives.) I drilled through so the blades show. Easier to select the right tool. I guess with a little thought you could make a carrying handle or even a double rack if you have a lot of tools to carry.