Friday, June 12, 2009

I Can See Clearly Now

Woodcarving Illustrated Issue #4 Page 20

Tip submitted by John Mignone, a frequent contributor to Wood Carving Illustrated.

In any dust-producing environment, dust sticking to eye glasses is a problem. To solve this, purchase anti-static sheets that you normally throw into your clothes dryer. Rub the lenses with a sheet. It will leave a greasy looking coating. Then rub the lenses with a tissue until clear. Your eyes will stay dust-free for hours.

Another problem with eye glasses comes with fogging. This is especially common when moving between areas of contrasting temperatures and when wearing a dust mask. Anti-fog creams are hard to come by and greatly overpriced. Simply put a drop of any liquid hand soap on each lens and smear it around. Rub with a tissue until clear. This will give you hours of fog-free vision.