Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Panama Carvers

The Panama Carvers Gather Today 7-7-16

       First, Bob from Whitestone wore one…and today Harvey came in with one…and I heard others asking where they could get one. I heard “Dollar Tree” so guess what? I now have a Panama hat and I also bought an extra one. Someone is sure to want a Panama Carving Hat…and they’re guaranteed to be offered for sale in the Carving Illustrated Magazine and on line. Everything can be bought on line.

       I sat next to Tom the peach pit carver. I took out my next project. I plan to  make something like this for my granddaughter Lauren. She’s a dancer.. I have the old shoes…It’s a start.

After almost two hours of carving under the watchful eye of Ed
the carving looks a lot like those long faced African totem face things…Not very appealing to a thirteen year old dancer, I think.

       Meanwhile, talk turned to the various branches of service that the carvers had served in. Howie, a marine, was talking about his favorite drill instructors…I think tough drill instructors are a lot like tough teachers and tough coaches..You might hate them when you had them but you always remember them..I remember Mrs. Schultz…a very hard English teacher. Maybe she would enjoy reading some of the stories about the Carvers…
       Mel,The King Kong of gorilla carvers was working on another beautiful carving…It’s almost ready for the wood burning stage.

       Eli sat at a nearby table..He’s into relief carving this year…and doing very well at it. He’s a great listener and not much gets by his appreciative ear..I can see him silently laughing now and then..He’s smart enough to put the tools down before he defaces something while he is quaking at his desk...Someone mentioned a sale of something somewhere…liquor included. I jumped at the chance to ask if there was any Crown Royal in the stash…No one knew..but the mention of Crown Royal brought back some great memories for both Eli and myself..In fact, it was Eli’s grandfather who took him great secrecy and confidence, and gave Eli his first taste of Crown…     You don’t forget those great moments.
       Late  in the day Elliott entered the room. It was almost lunchtime and many of the carvers had gone to the lunchroom..I stopped Elliott and asked him if I could take his photo. He stood still long enough for me to snap one. To me he looked like a human “go by” for a woodcarver..Tool bags in both hands…ready to carve. Note Eli on the left ..You can almost see him laughing quietly…On the right you can see the good half of Ed. No doubt the busy Ed is carving the face off of another poorly done carving. Anyway.. I am ready for the next carving day…I bought two of these beautiful Official Panamanian Wood Carver Hats…Whoever emails me first gets it.