Saturday, September 29, 2012

October Wood Chips...

Next Meeting: Tuesday, October 9, 2012
At 7:30 PM

At the September meeting, Ed Conti informed the members that Frank Barry has stepped down as President of the Club. Andy Umreicko and I have volunteered to serve the Club as interim presidents for the ensuing year.

Frank Barry has served the Club well for the past nine years. I spoke to him during the week and he told me that additional work responsibilities prohibit him from staying on as President. He assured me that he will continue to be an active member of the Club and he will promote the “Club Circus” at shows and perhaps display it at libraries to gain new members. The circus was Frank’s idea and I’m sure we all agree that it is a success.

At our October 9th meeting, Frank Napoli will be our guest speaker. Frank is an accomplished carver. He has won awards for his creative carving. One carving that comes to mind is the cane he carved with a Corian octopus that won in the Woodcarving Illustrated competition.

Frank is a member of the Suffolk County Woodcarvers and the Secret Society of Woodcarvers. He is planning to give a demonstration in addition to his talk on woodworking

A “thank you” to Roger Schroeder for his efforts in getting us a fine speaker, Frank Napoli, for our next meeting.

I hope we will provide a good turnout for Frank. See you at the meeting!

Joe Passalacqua & Andy Umreiko
Interim Presidents