Monday, September 10, 2012

Tampa Bay woodworkers come together give veterans proper burials

By Danny Valentine, Times Staff Writer

Tom Jones was disturbed.
As he sat in his Land O'Lakes home this spring, he listened to reports of a Florida veteran who was buried in a shallow grave inside a cardboard box.
"It felt so disgraceful," said Jones, a 64-year-old Army veteran.
He took it upon himself to ensure that no veteran would ever again be buried in such a manner.
The amateur woodworker started crafting wooden urns.
The first two were simple, but well-made. He took them to his Tampa woodcrafting club, of which he is vice president, and to a club in St. Petersburg to enlist support.
Club members loved the idea.
Club members have now made 17 boxes. Jones hopes it is just the beginning.
"It's our hope that we'll get woodworking clubs around the country to do this," he said.
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