Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Is Black Pepper Better Than Styptic Pencil for Cut?

Do you have a favorite home remedy to stop bleeding? Many people insist that pouring ground black pepper on a cut stops the bleeding more quickly. Is black pepper better than other approaches to stopping bleeding?

Black Pepper Better Remedy for Bleeding:

Q. Yesterday I cut my bottom lip shaving and it would not stop bleeding. I used a styptic pencil several times with no success. No way I could stop it.

About a half hour later, my wife read your article about black pepper. She dampened a paper napkin, loaded it down with pepper and I put it on the cut. Five minutes later, I gently removed it and voila, no more bleeding. I went on to eat breakfast, had my cup of coffee and had no further problem the rest of the day.

Black Pepper Remedy Is Wood Carver’s Favorite:

A. We first learned about this remedy thanks to a wood carver. He and his hobbyist friends always kept packets of black pepper with their carving tools. That’s because they had learned from experience that black pepper helps stop bleeding.
Since we shared this idea, we have heard from scores of people who have tried it with surprising success. People have also told us that cayenne pepper or powdered sage or thyme can provide the same benefit.